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Sometimes it is difficult to see a struggling church recognize that it has come to a point where they need to make radical changes to thrive for God's Kingdom.  Unfortunately, many define health by a decent balance in the checking account.  All the while remembering a time when they were really alive.  In many cases, preferences have become tradition, that tradition has become their truth and then we see the tragic trail it leaves behind.

The Bible is clear in Revelation that Jesus closes churches because they have stopped loving Him.  This seems harsh, but it is written out of love and with a hope that reality will set in and the church can make a decision that will once again bring glory to God.

Steve has assisted a handful of churches to make decisions based on their dying circumstances.  Some have replanted, some have merged and others have closed.

"Pride comes before the fall..."  Don't let pride get in the way of what will bring glory to God.

Steve recommends two books:

1.  "Autopsy of a Deceased Church" - Thom Rainer

2. "Reclaiming Glory" - Mark Clifton

Take the Church Health Assessment below and contact Steve for further help.

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