Are you a pastor, preacher, or evangelist willing to preach when needed?  Are you a church seeking someone to preach?  Please use the form below and we will be happy to assist you.  In your message let us know when you are available if you are a speaker and let us know the dates / times you need someone if you are a church / ministry seeking someone.

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Please give as much an advanced notice as possible for the pulpit supply request:


Sundays and Evenings:

Darrell Myers - 440-213-7133


Michael Black - 440-281-0719

Dr. Gerald Flury - 440-781-3410

Eddie Reust - 440-667-6279 / Evangelist

Thomas Spaulding - 440-429-0522

Scott Matovich - 808-463-5261

Adam Spacagna - 440-622-3507 / Evangelist

Daniel Spacagna - 216-438-1332

Leo Shuder - ​440-343-6071

John Brandt - 440-258-8811

Jim Rico -  440-522-9955

SCBO State Staff for Pulpit Supply: